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Have you ever had the need to make a quick change to your website and couldn't get a hold of your webmaster?

Have you ever been frustrated that you didn't know how to take care of a headline change or a fix a broken link on your own website?

Well I (Frank Deardurff - That One Web Guy) have put together an easy way for you to be able to handle your web needs yourself. It's called "WordPress Strategies"

This course covers:

  • Install the WordPress™ application.
  • Create your first post, - this is what becomes your sales page, optin page and members content.
  • Add and configure images to your blog, so that you can better incorporate them on your pages
  • Add and configure audio to your blog, for replays and audio descriptions of your products.
  • Add plugins, plugins allow you to add additional features to your site quickly and easily.
  • Change the apperance of your website in just a matter of clicks utilizing WordPress™ themes.
  • Implement and modify the bonus WordPress™ Sales Letter template.
  • Create your first membership site using the WordPress™ Membership template.
  • Utilize widgets to further customize your site.
  • Drive Traffic to your site with SEO and Ping Strategies.
  • Maintain and automate backups of your site.
  • And much more.

As a bonus to this course I'm also including two WordPress Templates that I've created. One is to turn your wordpress blog into a sales letter and the other is to convert it into a membership site. These two templates will allow you to set up site after site quickly and easily.

Why would a webmaster write a course on creating and maintaing websites?

I figured even though I create, design and maintain websites I know there are many of my clients as well as ebusiness owners that like to tweak, test, and make changes to their own site but are just a little uncomfortable with making minor edits, uploading and downloading, bolding a headline adding an email link and more.

To find out more about this course, all it has to offer and why I think you'll benefit...

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