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How you made $1.4 million with AdSense - Facebook

How you made $1.4 million with AdSense - Facebook

Many people believe that arbitration is no longer relevant... But they'll be wrong. I will show you how more than $1.4 million was made with arbitration using Facebook and Google AdSense.


There are some small factors that people forget when they try to succeed with the arbitration. In this article, I will take into account how to increase AdSense revenue and reduce spending on ads on Facebook... This has led to higher profits and increased return on investment.


Facebook Ads


If you don't use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website, you'll lose critical-quality web traffic that can take your site to the next level. Many people tried to use Facebook ads by creating an ad using the default image and default targets. But don't get the results they expect.


The key to Facebook ads is to get high CTR ads. When this happens, your relevant points increase, resulting in a decrease in cost-per-click (CPC). When your prices are low, your profits rise... And that's the key.


So how do you get top CTR ads? Knowing your audience is an important part. This allows you to target specific demographic data and deny Facebook users who may not have clicked on your ad. This will reduce the click.


Another very important item in your Facebook ad is text and image. Using the default image that Facebook chooses for you probably won't get any results. Ads that highlight more clicks will receive, so the key is to create a very attractive ad with a target group. The excellent way I use to create high ads Facebook CTR is to use text on the image. I use Adobe Photoshop, but you can find many free tools that allow you to do so. Facebook only allows 20% on an image and I like to use the maximum amount. Use text colors that contradict your image and make it explode.


Google Adsense


Increased AdSense revenue will also help increase profits. There are great ways to do this that not many people know.


A great tip to increase AdSense's profits is to check your investment on your site. How many ads do you have above the barn? Do you have ads in high traffic areas? Does your ad differ from your page or does it mix?


Answering these questions can help raise the CTR in AdSense and SING. Another important factor is the empowerment of image and text advertising. When you only activate one, you miss the potential earnings of advertisers. Many people go to their mobile phones to surf the internet and it's your job as webmasters to make your mobile site user-friendly. Having an easy-to-use mobile site will increase your revenue by 15%.


One of the most important parts of AdSense's earnings increase is to increase the number of views your page has. The more someone browses your site, the more likely you're going to click on one of the two ads. Keeping users on your site is a critical part if you want to do something with AdSense. Page views in each session must be more than 3. Each additional page gets increased your chances of generating more revenue in order to get an easy-to-use site with attractive content that will make someone stay longer.


Ad Management System


Having an ad management system is a necessary piece of this whole equation. Without the AMS system, I was, I wouldn't have been able to make the amount of money I made. Having a place to watch every ad campaign on Facebook and linking AdSense/campaigns pages is the only way to make that money. You can do it manually and do it OK, but if you want to be very successful, you have to use the ad management system.

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