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8 online errors by business owners

 8 online errors by business owners

Many owners of small and large businesses, online and offline, make mistakes about their online reputation. But, all these errors can be monitored and controlled if you understand what they are wrong.

Disclosure of the customer's personal information

You may well talk about a particular customer, but the best thing you can do is ask for written permission before discussing the customer's data in any way. Some people don't like it when you talk about them and they can say it is them. If they know, they will be concerned that someone else might say so.

Call others in an intimidating way

It's one thing to give an honest review of someone's work, but another seeks to destroy their business completely. If you want a very good example of this, look for YouTube's 'Freely and Harley Law Suit' and look at the flamboyant ruin of many fitness business owners in a public nightmare involving the Supreme Court of Australia.

Post pictures of your drunken night

Your youngest daughter got married, your eldest had a baby, and your best friend turned 60 in one day. But no one needs to see you drunk and celebrate in public while your family and friends will love it, some business partners will question your judgment. Some people may not buy from you.

Choose cute weird names for social media profiles

The truth is, unless you give your social media profile the name of your place or product, using your name is a good idea. Don't use anything personally because you want to represent your business as an ethical and honest company and it's open about who you are.


Believe it or not, more than one employer has been caught in a bald lie online that has destroyed their entire business. If you don't do six numbers and you're not a million-dollar blogger, then don't want to say or tell you. The world of the Internet is small in many ways and will come out sooner or later.

Stealing other people's content

It's easy to detect, but there have been cases of people stealing other people's hard work, information products, photos, and so on, then joining the real product facebook group and trying to promote their products there. Yes, they were humiliated, captured, and destroyed within minutes. Don't fly.

Ignore or block complaints

It is a serious mistake to ignore or block complaints. Your customers and future customers monitor how you handle a complaint, and how you deal with it will help or hurt you. Respond quickly and always try to provide your client with a solution to their problem.

Don't open comments on blogs

Keep your blog posts open for comments because closing them may seem as if you don't like different variations or opinions. The blog is social because of the comments. Without comments, it's just useless content.

Finally, it is important never to act in an angry and defensive way - whether you are right or not. It's a big mistake that would be counterproductive. Always be humble, generous, honest, and kind, and you can't make a mistake online.

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